WUMA! – A Proud Member of the Pet Food Industry Association of Southern Africa

As responsible and caring dog owners, the nutrition of our favourite canine is of the utmost importance. Our guarantee to deliver quality, fully-balanced dog food with your canine best friend’s interests and wellbeing at heart, is strengthened by our membership with the Pet Food Industry Association of Southern Africa (PFI).

The PFI is an industry body that, through frequent and independent regulation testing, ensures that the quality and safety standards of pet nutrition align with international levels. “Members of the PFI commit to these values and ensure their pet food is aligned with ethical and safe food processes, giving you total peace of mind in knowing that what it says on the bag is exactly what’s in the bag.”

In South Africa membership is not compulsory for pet food suppliers, but WUMA! is proud to call ourselves a member – we care about you, our customer, but most of all we care for your canine best friend’s wellbeing!
WUMA! has been a member of the Pet Food Industry Association since we started operating nearly 11 years ago. Since that time we have established ourselves in all major pet shops throughout South Africa, and have also expanded to other parts of the continent.

Being a dog food brand that is recommended by breeders, and which also runs a narrow partnership with breeders by way of association and sponsorships – sponsoring various major breeder union events in South Africa – we continually to strive towards providing a product that maintains and satisfies our consumers.

As a responsible brand that takes the quality of our products and our consumers’ experience very seriously, we commit ourselves to provide dog food that is not only safe for dogs and puppies, but also for those who purchase and handle our products. We support and encourage responsible pet ownership as well as ethical sales and marketing.
For further information about the PFI, please visit their website at www.pfisa.co.za.

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