Woodrock Animal Rescue Centre

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For more than 20 years, the Woodrock Animal Rescue Centre has been taking in animals from a disadvantaged background. The organisation is a registered non-profit organisation, and is home to around 150 dogs, as well as a number of cats, rabbits, chickens, geese and even a group of donkeys.

Many of these animals come from the Diepsloot area, where they are often found in very poor conditions and in desperate need of help and love. Once they are taken in, all of the animals are dipped, vaccinated, washed and given anti-flea treatments. They also receive medical care if needed, so they are nursed back to health in a happy and safe environment. In addition, the organisation is pro-life, meaning no healthy animal is ever put to sleep. They stay at the centre as long as is needed, until they are adopted and they go to a ‘forever home’.

Owners Nicolas and Estelle Meldau, along with kennel manager Fiona, keep the Woodrock Animal Rescue Centre running out of their sheer love for animals and their passion for helping distressed, abused or abandoned animals that can’t fend for themselves in their environments. Their organisation survives on donations alone, and many kind individuals and organisations have reached out to support their cause and bring happiness and hope to the animals that stay at the centre.

WUMA! Dog Food recently approached the Woodrock Animal Rescue Centre and committed to donating food to them on a monthly basis. Their generosity is part of their commitment to their statement, “Care for your Friends” – a value that they share with Woodrock. While the donation is a massive help to the centre, Nicholas and Fiona’s mission to help animals in need is ongoing, and all assistance in any form is always appreciated.

There are many ways to help the Woodrock Animal Rescue Centre. If you are able to help, Nicholas and Estelle would love to hear from you. They are always in need of volunteers to help with a range of tasks with the animals themselves and around their 8.5-hectare property where the animals live. You can also donate to their cause – the simplest way is to SMS “dog” to 40733 to donate R20. The proceeds go towards their sterilisation programme and township animal feeding projects.

If you are in a position to adopt a pet, the animals at Woodrock are all looking for a loving home. You are welcome to come in to have a look at the animals, visit them in their enclosures and perhaps find room in your home and your heart for them. Alternatively, you can visit www.woodrockanimalrescue.com to see an online gallery of the animals currently housed at the centre, and contact the organisation directly should you then wish to pay a visit.

Woodrock’s operations are centred on the statement, “Acta Non Verba” – Action, not Words – and for over two decades, that philosophy has led to so many animals being saved from neglect, abuse, homelessness, illness and terrible premature deaths. Your help can keep that mission going.

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