Quality Control in Pet Food Production

From the early days of bulk pet food production to today, the industry has made important progress in controlling the quality of their products. Still, incidents of contamination worry dog owners.

Without a doubt, the 2007 melamine contamination (http://talkspetfood.aafco.org) is one of the most widely publicized cases of tainted pet food. Pet food companies used the ingredients in good faith. Wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate sourced from China was intentionally mixed with non-food material. This made the ingredients much less expensive, but there were deadly results for the owners that lost their animals. The ingredients slipped through checks because they appeared genuine when screened by routine tests.

In South Africa, at least 16 dogs died in April 2011 from eating contaminated dog food from three producers. The cause was a fungus that excretes aflatoxins, normally only found in vegetables that had been badly harvested and stored. And the stories go on and on, the world over. Other types of contamination include salmonella and related bacteria.

These hard lessons led to two things: development of pet food industry associations in many countries along with regulations and standards for pet food production, and increased quality control by manufacturers through more frequent and comprehensive testing of batches of food.

The Pet Food Industry Association of Southern Africa

The Pet Food Industry Association of Southern Africa (http://pfisa.co.za/) is an industry body dedicated to upholding quality standards and safety in pet nutrition through regular, regulation testing. Its members publicly commit to upholding international standards of quality and safety, aligning themselves with ethical and safe food processes. WUMA! has been a member since it started operating in 2005. The PFISA is currently working with the authorities to make the voluntary South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) South African National Standard (SANS) 489 Good Manufacturing Practice, developed in 2009, part of formal Government Regulations.

WUMA!’s Quality

Our food has been developed and is supported by a leading, South African, animal nutritionist. Our food is regularly checked and we have a recall procedure in place should there ever be any faults. Our food meets and exceeds the requirements of adult dogs as determined by AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials) and the RSA Product Registration no. Act 36 of 1947.

For more independent testimonials and a full list of food regulation organisations whose requirements are met by WUMA!, please feel free to browse our website further.

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