How Often Should I Feed My Dog?

It is a common practice for dog lovers to fill the dogs’ food bowl and leave it out for the dog to eat at will. When they notice the bowl is empty, they refill it. South African veterinarians and professional dog trainers discourage that feeding practice for good reasons. Some dogs will eat what they need, but some will eat until it is gone. Depending on the level of activity, your best buddy could be eating himself into obesity! Also, the first sign of illness in your dog is skipping meals. If you are not monitoring his food intake, you may miss that important warning signal.

The Ideal Feeding Schedule For Your Dog

The ideal feeding schedule for adult dogs is once in the morning and once in the evening. Select a choice brand of dog food like WUMA! to ensure superior nutrition. Follow the food label guide for recommended amounts per feeding according to weight and age. Each morning and evening, measure the correct amount of food into the bowl and set it in front of your dog. He should eat the food right away. If he does not eat after 20 minutes, remove the food until time for the next feeding.

It’s About More Than Just Eating

You dog will quickly learn to eat at mealtime. You want the dog to know that you are in charge of his food because it reinforces his obedience training. A regular feeding schedule assists with expectations of when your dog goes out to relieve himself. It is helpful to know what time he will need attention each morning and when you can be sure he is comfortable for the night. Begin training your dogs’ eating habits while he is still a puppy if possible. However, older dogs are still adaptable, especially when it involves their food.

Extra Care For Puppies

Your puppy will need a different feeding schedule. Be sure the food is a superior formula specifically for puppies. Feed according to the food label recommended amounts, four times each day. It is okay to feed them a little bit from your hand as you lead them to eat from the bowl. That will teach them where their food is and who makes that happen. A bit of hand feeding is a good method of bonding.  Follow the same 20-minute procedure with adult dogs. After feeding is the ideal time to take a puppy outside to relieve himself because it establishes a pattern for housebreaking. Controlled feeding times are the key to your puppy’s healthy nutrition. That is how he becomes confident he can always trust you, which makes him more cooperative during obedience training.

Your dog is a friend for life and deserves the very best care. Feeding correctly will go a long way to ensuring a pleasant and healthy relationship with man’s best friend.