Feeding Man’s Best Friend

A dog is a man’s best friend. In spite of the fact that they can’t speak, dogs are able to interpret your feelings. If you are sad, your dog is the first one to know and will readily come to your rescue and cuddle you. A dog is really faithful and is a really loyal friend. If you want to guard your house, just get a home dog. A dog can sense even the slightest sound and make all the trespassers run for their life.

If you have a dog at home, you need to take good care of it. You need to provide your dog with nutritious food and a fully balanced diet.

Here are some of the nutrients that are essential for your dog:

  • Water is the most important nutrient for your pet. Fresh water should be available to your dog at all times, since water makes up 60-70% of your dog’s body weight.
  • Fats are the biggest source of energy and they provide lots of carbohydrates and proteins in your dog’s diet. It also provides all the essential fatty acids in the right quantity.
  • Proteins are the building blocks of life. They are required for growth, repair and maintenance of cells and tissues. Various foods can provide proteins in your dog’s diet, such as lamb, chicken, beef, turkey, egg and fish. The main source of protein in your dog’s diet should be high quality poultry. Poultry is highly palatable and digestible. It contains Omega fatty acids which help to maintain a healthy coat and skin.
  • Carbohydrates are also essential for your dog’s health. They help to maintain good intestine health and for reproduction. Carbohydrates are required to make up for the energy requirement of the body and they are really important for the development and smooth functioning of the brain.
  • Minerals are important for the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth of your canine. They help to maintain the balance of fluids and also help in various metabolic reactions.
  • Vitamins are required in very tiny amounts for the normal functioning of the body metabolism. A dog’s body cannot synthesize vitamins on its own and you need to ensure that you provide vitamins to your dog. Vitamins act as catalysts for various enzyme reactions in the body. You must also ensure that excess amount of vitamins do not reach your dog, as hypovitaminosis can result in joint calcification.

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