Fact-Check Your Information

There is concern everywhere about the false information, rumours and untruths that anyone with an internet connection can post on the web. We hear these concerns almost daily on news channels and see it on social media. It seems though that, to date, the most effective way of dealing with untruths on the web is for an individual, company or organization to bring a case of slander against the person spreading the often malicious, and without grounds, misinformation.

But who would take people to task about spreading rumours or false information about pet food, especially when no specific brand is mentioned? Some people attack ingredients in pet food, others claim that manufactured pet food as a whole are detrimental to animals, and so the stories abound.

As the consumer, and ‘parent’ caring for your dog’s health, you naturally want to get as much information as you can about good eating habits for your canine, and the quick way to look for it is on the internet. The best thing you can do is to fact-check the information you come across against information on the web pages of trusted and independent pet food organisations.

In South Africa, we have the Pet Food Industry Association of Southern Africa (PFI) (www.pfisa.co.za), an industry body dedicated to upholding quality standards and safety in pet nutrition, of which WUMA! is a member. You can also browse further afield to pet food industry bodies worldwide. Look for information from respected scientists in the field and from articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

And lastly, before you get a fright from all the scare-mongering and uninformed opinions, you can contact your pet food manufacturer directly. WUMA! is always available to answer your questions. Just visit the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website and we will gladly assist. Alternatively, browse our website, particularly the ‘Products’ pages which lists the local and international organisations by which we measure our food requirements. Our product info and ingredients are also listed as well as customer testimonials. We look forward to hearing from you.

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