About WUMA!

Our Story

WUMA! was borne of the passion that our founder, Hendrik Schoeman, had for his dogs and the belief that quality dog food should still be affordable. Our first pack of dog food was sold on Saturday, 26 November 2005, from Airport Pets in Kempton Park, Gauteng. It did not take long for our sales to skyrocket and soon 34-ton orders were being delivered. With hard work and dogged determination, WUMA! started expanding to other provinces and became a trusted and reputable brand in the South African dog food market.

Since then WUMA! has established itself in all major pet shops in South Africa and a few other African countries. We also run successful partnerships with dog breeders by way of association and sponsor various major canine events in South Africa and most recently also in Botswana. We have been privileged in our successes and are now able to support a number of charities around South Africa.



To be known as both you and your dog’s favourite dog food brand by delivering top quality dog nutrition at an affordable price.



We strive to ensure that quality nutrition reaches your dog by keeping our prices affordable for you. We endeavour to stay current and informed about canine nutrition and food safety by regularly collaborating with our animal nutritionist on our dog food formulas.



Care for our friends.


Human Pack

The humans at WUMA! are governed by two main concepts: Dogs are life and health = happiness.

We believe dogs make human lives 100% more awesome, so we strive to keep your dog as healthy as possible so that you can focus on enjoying all the extra four-legged happiness in your life.

Our founder and leader, Mr Schoeman, has also been an absolute inspiration not only in how he has built this company from the ground up but also in his steadfast belief in people, second chances and keeping to ones word. He has surrounded himself and thereby the company, with good, honest, loyal and hard working people – all with an enormous love for animals. These are the kinds of people that make up WUMA! Dog Food; people whom are passionate about dogs and all the good in people and in life.