5 Ways to Care for an Old Family Dog

It is every pet owner’s struggle to accept that a pet is aging. Despite the temptation to live in denial, it is important to make the necessary arrangements to ensure that the dog still enjoys the quality of life it is accustomed to. With age come a whole lot of things you should do to make it easier for your pet. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Nutritious Diet

Healthy nutrition is important at all stages of a dog’s life. However, it is important to take special care to ensure that the aging pets get the recommended nutrition to keep them active and healthy. You can always talk to your vet about the recommended foods for aging dogs.

  1. Exercise

While age may be making your pet slower and less active, don’t let them curl up on the couch all day. Exercise is one of the critical components of a healthy regime for an aging pet. Make an effort to engage the dog both physically and mentally. Play games, go for walks and runs; just keep them shorter and less strenuous.

  1. Weight

Pets should be of healthy weight, and that is what vets advise owners, regardless of the age. While a little more weight may not be too bad for a young dog, extra kilos on an aging dog can significantly stress the joints as well as the internal organs. If you notice that your dog may be a little overweight, you can talk to your vet about a diet and exercise routine that will help maintain healthy weight.

  1. Checkups

Regular checkups are important for all pets. When it comes to senior dog, it is important to have him or her checked at least once every 6 months for any issues. If some health conditions are detected early, they can be treated.

  1. The Teeth

Regular dental care for pets throughout their life is highly recommended. You have probably already heard of the dangers of neglected dental care in pets. It is worse for older dogs as a build-up of gunk on the teeth can cause gingivitis (a bacterial infection), which can be fatal. You can have your pet’s teeth brushed every once in a while by a professional or a vet.

As dogs age, they need special care and attention to ensure that they stay healthy. It is your duty to monitor changes in behavior as this can be an indication of an underlying problem. Try as much as you can to maintain the lifestyle they know to keep them happy and healthy. Start with a healthy diet of Wuma dog food.

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