4 Ways to Keep Your Mutt Well-Fed and Healthy

Did you know that the type of food you give to your dog can add a few years to its life? Your dog needs specific dietary elements for a healthy, long life. Different companies make different types of foods for varying breeds. If you have a mutt, you need to know its dietary needs.

What Is A Mutt?

This is a term that is used to refer to a dog of mixed breed. This means that the dog is as a result of random breeding (as opposed to strict breeding between purebreds).  Some people are very particular about knowing the ancestry of their pets because mixed breeding can bring out the best or the worst in a pet or its offspring.

Mutts are dogs whose ancestry is sometimes not known as it is so mixed up. However, crossbreeds such as labradoodle (labrador-poodle) and peek-a-poo (pekinese-poodle) are usually called crossbreeds and not mutts as their ancestry is known.

So What Can You Feed Your Mutt?

When picking out dog food, look carefully at the labels. Commercially prepared foods have formulae for different breeds at different stages of life. You can get formulae for puppies and adults alike. The trick is finding the meal that has the nutritional requirements for your mutt. Here are 4 ways that Wuma Mutt Meal will keep your dog healthy.

  1. Wuma Mutt Meal Has The Recommended Dietary Nutrients

Every dog needs a balanced diet; adequate amounts of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.  The package clearly shows you the ingredients and the nutritional contents of the Mutt Meal. The Meal is purposely formulated to be both filling and nourishing to a normal active adult dog.

  1. The Meal Is Developed By A Certified Animal Nutritionist

The best thing about this Meal is that it is developed by people who have studied animal nutritional requirements. This means that they really understand what the dog needs to stay healthy, and have laboured to pack the recommended nutrients in their appropriate amounts.

  1. The Meal Is Perfect For All Breeds

Mutt Meal from Wuma is perfect for all breeds. The label also directs you on the recommended amounts that are appropriate for your pet, depending on its weight. You do not have to guess or make calculations as to how much you need to feed your dog.

  1. Mutt Meal Is Regulated By PFI

PFI is an association that is dedicated to the nutritional well-being of pets. Having the Meal approved by PFI means that it is tested and certified as a meal that meets international standards of animal nutritional requirements.

You can always go online and research the different nutritional requirements for an adult dog, then compare that with the dog food meals you find. Conduct your own research and see that Wuma Mutt Meal is exactly what you need to keep your dogs healthy.

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