3 Great Dog Toys

Dogs love to play.  Many a time, they end up playing with your stuff: your books, footwear and furniture. They may look really cute while doing so, but may damage your things.

Keep your dog busy by getting some dog toys so that your dog plays with their own toys and doesn’t fidget with your prized possessions.

Here are 3 great dog toys that will help to keep your playmate entertained:

  • Kong – A Kong is a small snowman-shaped toy made of high quality rubber. It is really hard and very hard to break. Dogs love to chew on it and it keeps them really busy for a long time.

Most Kongs have an opening and one can stuff them with dog biscuits and other dog treats. It is a treat for your dog when they are able to open the lid! So, the next time you need to leave your dog alone at home, just stuff the Kong with lots of goodies and let your dog play with it, roll it and get rewarded.

  • Fun Ball – The fun ball is made up of a durable yet soft material which slips away when your dog tries to fetch it. Your dog can play with this ball for hours on end. You can fill this ball with various treats for your dog so that he or she can eat something when hunger strikes.

This is a great toy for your dog when you’re at home and need some silence, since this ball doesn’t make any noise and keeps your pet occupied. It is a great interactive toy for your dog and it will keep him amused.

  • Buster Cube – One of the most interesting and well-liked toys for dogs is the Buster Cube. This toy is made up of very strong plastic, which makes it sturdy and enduring. It will last really long even if your dog tries hard to bite it. Many of us may find it a bit noisy but the amount fun that your pet will derive, will make you like it!

If you have hard wood flooring or tiles, then the Buster Cube is best suited for your dog. The challenge level of the cube can be adjusted as per your convenience, so your dog has to put more effort to get his goodies. The Buster Cube has a really large inner space and you can fill in lots of stuff.

Now you can let your dog enjoy some alone time without having to worry about any kind of vandalism!

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