WUMA! SABBS 2016 National Boerboel Show

WUMA! is very proud to announce that we are the 2016 SABBS (South African Boerboel Breeders’ Society) National Boerboel Show official dog food sponsor. Taking place at the Afridome in the quaint little town of Parys, Free State on 1 October 2016, it promises to be the event of the year!

Organisers look forward to welcoming all the best dogs from far and wide that entered this prestigious event to the Northern Free State. Parys is located in the Vredefort Dome, South Africa’s seventh World Heritage Site, so not only will attendees be experiencing an amazing event, they will also have the opportunity to explore a beautiful area of South Africa.

Among a host of great activities at the show, which will also include exhibitions and a grand dinner party on Friday, 30 September for all the exhibitors and their families, a junior handlers’ competition will be held. For children and teenagers up to 18 years of age, this activity is aimed to encourage the involvement of the youth in the wonderful Boerboel breed.

The classes will be judged on showmanship and dog handling skills. The children’s class will require adult guidance, and entries will be limited to dogs of an appropriate age and size for the entrant’s age and handling capabilities.

It is safe to say that the Boerboel breed is one of South Africa’s most well-loved breeds, and they certainly are synonymous with our country. According to sabbs.org, Boerboels have been bred from large and strong dogs with good characteristics (the Bullenbijter from Europe and the African dog of the black tribes of Africa) and were kept as watchdogs, as friends and as playmates to their children by our forefathers, as well as protectors – a dog that would not retreat from any form of danger.

Perhaps the most apt description of the character of a Boerboel is written in the following piece by Jenny Wells – all breeders, owners and lovers of this great breed can certainly relate! She writes:

“I am a substantial dog driven by love and loyalty to my nearest and dearest. I am an impressive figure of strength with my stature, musculature, bearing and demeanour. I can be the most reliable and loving family companion and a thoroughly determined force of nature if they are threatened. I can be a clown and I have a sense of humour. I am smart, make sure you are smarter! I will make decisions if you don’t! I was created in a school of hard knocks over generations on the farms of South Africa. I am tough, hardy, adaptable and can turn my paw to many uses and tasks. I require love, attention, good food, guidance and proper accommodation – but most of all I require a responsible owner that will care for me and make time for me. I don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time and I can be destructive when I get bored. I am happiest when you are with me. I eat a lot and my vet bills can be expensive. I am generally contented but I do require regular exercise and mental stimulation. I need training to show me how to behave in various situations and let me know how to please you. I respond very well and learn fast with kindness, consistency and food rewards! I don’t respond well to bullying, violence or rough handling. I am sensitive to your needs and moods. I feel your stress. I am protective of my family and those I consider my family, I will defend them to my last breath. I am a Boerboel, you are my life, my love and my world. I am your guardian, your companion and your faithful friend until the last beat of my heart.

I am not just a Boerboel, I am your Boerboel.”

We look forward to welcoming all to the WUMA! 2016 SABBS 2016 National Boerboel Show!

For more information on event, please visit the South African Boerboel Breeders’ Society’s website at http://sabbs.org/diary/2016-national-show.

For tickets to the WUMA! SABBS 2016 National Boerboel Show: https://itickets.co.za/register/new/364189&referrer=WUMA

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