WUMA! Distribution

The popularity of WUMA! Premium Dog Food increases every day, as more dog lovers commit to giving their best friends the best nutrition they can get. While we are increasing production of our full range of products all the time, distributing it across the country has allowed us to make a real difference in the local economy!

WUMA! is manufactured in Johannesburg, with the entire manufacturing process done locally. Every purchase of a bag of WUMA! is a contribution to creating meaningful, long-term employment opportunities in South Africa. With demand currently higher than ever, WUMA! will create even more jobs in the near future, offering economic opportunities to many who need them.

While the manufacturing process is done entirely in South Africa, we import a number of our key ingredients to ensure that our dog food conforms to the highest international standards. The animal protein source used in WUMA! Puppy and WUMA! Adult is imported, with the certified guaranteed analysis of each product available on the bag, as well as on our website. In addition, the kangaroo protein added to WUMA! Plus is imported from Australia, giving your animal friends a novel source of protein that has a range of advantages for all breeds and sizes of dog. More details of the nutritional value of kangaroo protein, and the benefits it offers to your animal friend, is available here.

WUMA! is always looking to expand its distribution network to bring high-quality pet food to dog lovers around the country. We are already widely distributed in several provinces, but we are looking for distributors in Limpopo, Western parts of Mpumalanga, and parts of KwaZulu Natal (particularly the north coast, south coast and midlands regions), where there is a demand for WUMA! but we have yet to set up permanent distribution networks. We expect to have distribution to all of these areas covered in the near future, to ensure that dogs all over the country can get the benefits of WUMA!, with a dedicated dog food for all canine ages and sizes, all at affordable prices.

At present, WUMA! is available throughout most of South Africa, as well as several of our neighbouring countries. As a reminder, our full range is available at many vets, vet shops, specialist pet shops, dedicated animal feed stores, agricultural distributors and many leading establishments. We are constantly working to ensure that all of our dealers are fully-stocked, even though demand is continuously increasing! As distribution grows, so will our employment base, and we are proud to be a job-creating company that is making a positive difference in South Africa.

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  • Danelle & Marius

    I own a small distribution company in Nelspruit. I am familiar Wuma as I used it for my dogs. If there is a demand for distribution in Mpumalanga I will be very interested in distributing for you. Please send me an email as to when we can discuss the particulars as well as the distribution options that will suite your needs.