WUMA! Birthday

For the last decade, WUMA! has been making fully-balanced dog food that has kept our animal friends healthy, happy and full of energy. This year, WUMA! is celebrating its tenth birthday, after growing from a single bag of pellets to an organisation that produces tons of superior pet food every month.

WUMA! began sales in one pet shop in Kempton Park in November 2005, and is now distributed across South Africa. WUMA! Is also available in the following African countries. Namibia, Botswana, Angola and Ghana, for animal lovers there to give the best to their pets.

The support for WUMA! has grown steadily through the years: with sales increasing rapidly, it is no wonder so many pet owners are choosing WUMA! for their animal friends. WUMA! is not only certified by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries RSA as an accredited dog food, as it is proven to be a balanced, immune-boosting, anti-oxidant-rich food that will keep your family friend healthy through all stages of life. It is also endorsed by the Pet Food Industry Association of South Africa.

Thanks to the growth WUMA! has seen, the company is in a position to support a number of worthwhile causes and organisations. We have been a proud sponsor of the World of Dogs and Cats (WODAC), the SA Boergreyhound Association,EBBASA,BI, SABT now SABBS, Centenary Terrier Club, Provincial Dog Clubs. WUMA! Also sponsored the Khusa registered Dog SPC Agility SA Championships in 2014 and 2015 at these shows the SA team is selected to represent SA at the World Championships held in Luxembourg in 2014 and Italy 2015 WUMA! Being one of the SA team sponsors. WUMA! also supports the Pitbull Federation of South Africa, which aims to spread awareness about the pitbull breed and encourage ethical treatment of dogs.

We have also grown enough to be in a position to make a real difference: WUMA! now sponsors and supports ethical shelters for homeless animals, with Wetnose and the Woodrock Animal Rescue Center both receiving major donations of dog food recently. WUMA! Is now committed to support Woodrock on a regular basis. These shelters do so much to find homeless and abused animals of all kinds – not just dogs – and nurse them back to health before finding loving homes for them. WUMA! is proud to support these organisations.

While the last ten years have seen skyrocketing sales and ever-increasing achievements for WUMA!, our focus remains on the statement printed on the front of our bags of dog food: “Care for your friends”. Our animal friends need love and the right diet, and we have worked to develop the best possible diet for the pets that give us and our families so much love.

A big ‘thank you’ to all of the families, individuals and companies that have supported WUMA! over the last decade, and the future will surely see even greater growth support. We will continue to ensure that our pets get the best nutrition they possibly can, to keep them healthy and in good physical shape – and to give them WUMA!

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