Colour Variation

Here at WUMA!, our first priority is your dog’s health and wellbeing. We started out as a result of being a little unhappy with not knowing what big pet food producers are putting into what we give our animal family members, and so we stepped in and WUMA! was the result.

What this means is that we don’t use any artificial colourants in any of our products. It’s all natural, and we offer a guarantee that no manipulation of colour is done at all. As a result, the colour of individual pellets can vary sometimes – even within one bag – because of the naturally-occurring variations in the raw materials that we use. This doesn’t mean that our formula has changed at all. The nutritional value of our pellets does not change, as it is carefully monitored and regulated, and it will never cause digestive problems for your pooch. In short, the colour variations are a result of our commitment to using only carefully-controlled choice raw materials!

We have had a few questions about the size and shape of our WUMA! Plus pellets. It’s a result of a major upgrade to our factory, which has just been fitted with new equipment that turns our raw mix into individual pellets. Again, don’t worry – the winning formula of our entire product range, including WUMA! Plus, is identical to what it was before. Some of the pellets are just a little lighter sometimes as a result of seasonal growing patterns of the goodness we put in.