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WUMA! Dog Food

Established in 2005, WUMA! Dog Food is one of South Africa’s leading dog food brands today. Highly nutritional and fully balanced, our delicious dog and puppy food is made for canines of all breeds and sizes.

Made in South Africa, WUMA! is vet and breeder recommended and is scientifically formulated by a leading animal nutritionist. Our products range from budget to super-premium and are available in various sizes ranging from 1.5 kg to 40 kg bags.

All our food is vitamin enriched for health and vitality and contains anti-oxidants to boost your dog’s immunity. It is specifically formulated for dogs and puppies with everyday activity levels and to keep them in optimal condition. No artificial flavourants or colourants are used.

Aside from WUMA!‘s food being made with your canine’s best interests and wellbeing at heart, we also strive to do this without breaking your budget.



We are passionate about dogs and their nutrition, so we do our best to ensure that they stay happy and healthy with quality ingredients:

  • Balanced omega 6 : 3 ratio to boost immunity and for a healthy skin and coat
  • Insoluble mineral salt to protect the gut and absorb toxins
  • A protein level of 20 – 27 % for healthy organs and strong muscles
  • Fat levels of 8 – 15 % for energy, vitamin absorption and to enhance palatability
  • High quality chicken for good taste and easy digestibility
  • Calcium for strong teeth and bones
  • Maize to keep their tummy happy, absorb water and prolong energy
  • WUMA! Plus makes use of kangaroo meal as a novel protein source, which contains anti-inflammatory properties and enhances immunity. It is     also great for allergy prone dogs and contains CLA, which promotes lean muscle development
  • WUMA! Plus contains rice as the only carbohydrate source, which is an excellent alternative for dogs prone to allergic reactions
  • WUMA! Puppy and WUMA! Plus contains glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM to form, repair and renew cartilage
  • WUMA! Puppy and WUMA! Plus contains prebiotics to assist beneficial bacteria and reduce the absorption of detrimental bacteria

WUMA! Dog Food is registered with the Department of Agriculture, Act 36 of 1947 and the Pet Food Industry Association of Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd (PFI).



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