Titan and Kay

Titan chose me. As a 7 week old bundle of fur, he came up to me, put his paw on my knee, licked me and rolled over for me to rub his belly. We connected like I had never connected with any animal before and he became my therapy dog. I have chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia and I have days where I don't want to get up. But then Titan... Whenever I'm down he will bring me his favourite toy and lie next to me. When I'm in pain he will be so gentle with me. I broke my foot a few months ago and Titan still allowed me to walk him while I was in crutches, he would take a step and pause and just patiently wait for me to take the the next hop. There isn't just one story I could share that could capture this beautiful dog. He connects with people on another level and reads them instantly. He has helped people overcome their fear of dogs, he has let 5 year olds take him for walks and not pull at all, he has let people hold him when they feel like they are falling apart, and he will just wait, patiently for you to get back up on your feet. This photo is the first moment Titan and I really connected. It was the first day I met him, and the breeder told me she had never seen a puppy connect with someone like this before. I knew he was mine and he knew I was his. It was meant to be♡

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