Lara and Chloe

We saw a heartbreaking advert by chance in 2012 advertising a puppy that owner "no longer wanted." We already had one spayed female dog at the time, but of course we would want another dog. My husband showed me the sad advert and we agreed to contact the "owner" to collect the puppy who was advertised for R800. We just wanted to save her from what may possibly have been a most miserable life (especially since she was a female Pitbull puppy) A tiny 5 week old Pitbull puppy we fetched. After arranging to collect the puppy, we waited over an hour and could not get hold of the owner. He was asleep and came out intoxicated and reeking of alcohol. Seeing the puppy, (who was clearly full of worms and had never even been to the vet for vaccinations) broke our hearts. She was being bullied by the bigger dogs and her little nose had a sore on it. She was about 5 weeks old and she was away from her mommy for weeks prior to that. The "owner" didn't even care! He just told us to "take her because I'm getting another male puppy. I don't want a girl." My husband picked her up, placed only R400 down just to avoid a fight with a drunken man and he placed the puppy in my arms. She just wanted to be loved. I put her inside my zip-up top and she was safe. We named her Chloe. We took Chloe to the vet and got her vaccinated and dewormed. For a week, she had worms coming out of her. She was so badly infested. From "no longer wanted" to "beloved, adored, beautiful and cherished girl" this is my Chloe today. She is strong and powerful, but she is a tender girl. She is my proof of what raising a Pitbull correctly and respectfully can do for humans and for the dog. We took her to puppy training classes, we got her microchipped, we had her spayed and she has all her vet visits when required. She has two brothers and a sister. We have taught our children how to treat all our dogs and our dogs adore them. I have her face and name tattooed on my leg and she is my inspiration for protecting and defending the Pitbull breed and the manner in which we should be raising and training and respecting powerful breed dogs. All dogs thrive on and need love. I'm eternally grateful for Chloe getting her home with us.

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